How the BFU works

Communication Getting the prevention message across

Communication is vital when it comes to raising awareness of prevention issues among the population. At the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU, an interdisciplinary communications team ensures that the prevention messages reach the right audience to maximum effect.

At a glance

  • The first BFU prevention poster was introduced in Switzerland in 1942.
  • Since then, the BFU has regularly launched new safety campaigns with succinct, easy-to-understand messages.
  • BFU campaign posters can be seen on over 6000 billboards throughout Switzerland.

From billboard to safety campaign

The Swiss public road network would be unthinkable without the clearly visible BFU billboards on roads entering roundabouts, villages, towns and cities. A common sight for more than 50 years, the BFU road safety posters are spread in cities and smaller municipalities on a network of over 6000 billboards. Whereas billboards were sufficient in the past, today’s fast-paced world demands wide-reaching multimedia campaigns to raise awareness and bring about behavioural changes.

The BFU develops its safety campaigns in-house. Like all its other prevention activities, they concentrate on accident focal points and contain instructions that are workable and easy to apply. The BFU has a research-based approach to communication and incorporates scientific findings into its campaigns. The messages therein are developed by interdisciplinary teams of researchers, education experts and consultants. Large campaigns are trialled for impact on a test audience prior to being launched.

Concentrated prevention knowledge: the BFU brochures

The BFU’s communication activities extend beyond safety campaigns. Knowledge is passed on in numerous publications, scientific research for authorities and experts as well as brochures on a wide range of topics for the general public. The BFU offers useful safety tips for practically all areas of life. These free publications can be ordered through the BFU website. Delivery by post is available for those who prefer their information in print.

Tangible and easy to understand

The way in which the BFU communicates is constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing media landscape. All prevention messages work across all media platforms to ensure that people can access prevention advice from anywhere. Films and videos play an increasingly important role. The BFU is active on social media and at selected events. Experts can attend BFU-organised conferences, workshops and forums. The annual BFU Road Safety Forum attracts well over 100 participants and is a firm fixture in the safety calendar.

Campaigns: aiming for fewer accidents