Activities – The bfu has something against accidents


Effective accident prevention


The bfu bases its commitment on the prevention cycle.

It analyses the need for action, sets goals in regards to accident occurrence, explores appropriate interventions, implements and scientifically reviews measures. The resulting evaluation seeks to provide insights for new measures.


The bfu conducts research


Research is the bfu’s central core competence.

The starting point for prevention measures is analysing the need for action: what accidents are occurring, why are they occurring and how can they be prevented? Accident research specifically develops focal points, main risk factors and principal measures on which the targets are then based. 

You can find accident occurrence figures and bfu research results at: Research and Statistics.


The bfu educates


The bfu passes on its knowledge and specific recommendations for action to specialists.

They in turn incorporate and therefore multiply this knowledge in their environment. The bfu works with company-based partners, school teachers, driving instructors, traffic instructors and other professionals such as architects, nurses and sports equipment merchants.


The bfu advises


The bfu advises authorities, organisations and private individuals.

It develops a foundation for decision-making of safety measures and maintains a network of safety delegates who are committed to safety in municipalities and cities.

The priorities are transport infrastructure, public buildings, facilities and residential buildings, non-occupational accidents in large companies, product safety and safety standards and legislation.


The bfu communicates


The bfu uses communication to raise the risk awareness of multiplicators and the general public and to influence their attitudes and behaviour in a safety-enhancing manner.

The bfu develops to this end prevention campaigns or participates in campaigns by partners. It passes on knowledge by way of publications, the internet, newsletters or videos and supplies the media with current prevention topics. 

These are the current prevention campaigns: Campaigns
Members of the media can get first-hand information here: Media (content in german, french or italian)


The bfu is interlinked


The bfu works closely with prevention partners, authorities, professional associations and commerce and coordinates the activities. It has strong regional ties and maintains national and international contacts.

The bfu has built a unique network for accident prevention in cities and municipalities: the 1200 bfu safety delegates (content only in german). They are the link between the bfu and the general public. The bfu also maintains particularly close contacts to company-based safety delegates (content only in german) and the 270 police traffic instructors (content only in german). ​