Organization – Live safely: your bfu.


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Mission and need for action




​80,000 road accidents,
410,000 sports accidents
and 570,0​​00 accidents in and around the home –
in Switzerland, per year.

The bfu isn’t alone in thinking this is too many.


This is why the bfu is committed to safety by public appointment. As the Swiss competence centre for accident prevention, it conducts research in the sectors of road traffic, sports, home and leisure and passes on its knowledge to private individuals and specialist circles by means of advisory services, training and communications.

On behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the bfu is the supervisory body for products from the non-occupational sector under the Product Safety Act (PrSG). 

The bfu holds the Committed to Excellence Certificate according to the EFQM model.



Principles of commitment

Three principles define the work of the bfu:

  • As a centre of competence, the bfu is committed solely to safety. It operates independently of any particular economic and political interests. 
  • The bfu’s recommendations on education, advisory services and communications are based on the latest findings in the research of accidents and accident prevention. Consistent attention is paid to a workable cost-benefit ratio. 
  • The bfu works closely with its partners. Regional ties and international networking are important.  


Accident prevention works

The cost of accidents is high.

The material costs alone amount to 13 billion francs annually, of which around 45 % are caused by road accidents. Sports accidents are responsible for around 15 %, a further 40 % are caused by leisure accidents and accidents in the home. If the intangible costs are also taken into account, the annual damage to the economy amounts to 54 billion francs.

The bfu is committed to reducing this damage.